Teachers helping Teachers!

Not every one understands the devastating effects of a hurricane.  I have only ever experiences 3 bad hurricanes, and they were nothing compared to the devastation that NJ and NY have experienced over the past week with Hurricane Sandy.  Many families lost everything.
As the states work tirelessly to put things back in order, we as teachers can do our part to help other teachers get their classrooms back.  Laurah, from the ESOL Odyssey, has put together a a blog link-up to help teachers in NJ and NYC get new teaching materials for their classrooms.  

    Click on the picture above to read how you can help with the recovery!

    Sending prayers to those affected by this horrible disaster.  Stay warm, and positive, my friends.

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     If you are a teacher that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, use the following picture link to sign up for help.

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