I declare war on ….. (plus a Freebie!)

Kids love to play games!  I’ve noticed the easier the game, usually the more willing they are to play it.  That being said, some learning needs to happen.  Many of my 5th and 6th graders have trouble with metric and customary measurements and conversions.  I decided we needed to make the basic, rather boring conversions more fun…. enter: Measurement Wars!

Measurement Wars is played by first dealing out the whole deck of cards evenly amongst the players. Everyone flips over a card at the same time and compares their measurements. The person with the highest valued measurement wins all the cards in that round. Should 2 people have the same highest measurement value, then they would set 3 cards face down and then flip the fourth and the one with the highest value would take all the cards. This is repeated until one person has all the cards from the deck and is declared the winner (or until the allotted amount of time is out)

Great for partners, small group, and math centers!  The more the students play and use the reference sheet, the more they start committing the measurements and the ballpark comparisons to memory.  They’re learning while having fun!

Sample of the Reference sheet – works GREAT with MW.

Sample of 18 (out of 96) cards in MW: capacity

Sample of 18 (out of 42) cards in MW: capacity

Sample of 18 (out of 72) cards in MW: capacity

Want a copy of the acitivites?  Follow the links below!
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