System of Equations Freebie!

Systems of Equations.  Many students have difficulty remembering the different methods of solving  for a solution, and how to figure out how many solutions the system has.  After teaching the various methods and types of solutions, I always give my students a quick reference page.

This page helps them with the many various application activities that we do with systems — everything is summed up in one easy to read page.  This reference page includes the four methods we use to solve a system – graphing, substituting, eliminating, and augmented matrices.   Feel free to download the page to use with your students!

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    • Hi Jeni! If you click on the link that says FREE reference sheet! it will take you to my TpT store where this item is a free download. One of the pages does not have matrices on it. Hope that helps! Would love you to leave feedback on the product on TpT as well. Thanks so much!

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