Counting on your fingers

The month of September is being devoted to learning multiplication facts in all 4 of my resource math classes.  We’ve been playing multiplication Bingo, we’ve been using our flashcards, we’ve been building perfect squares.

This week we devoted a lot of time to working with skip counting and multiples.  My 5th and 6th graders made a chart from 0-120 showing the multiples of the numbers 1-12.

We used old report card envelopes and 2 snack baggies to organize our flashcards.  One baggy says “KNOW” and one says “DON’T KNOW”.  We’ve been spending the week with games to get better at our facts and then on Friday we quiz each other.  The goal is to move as many cards from the “DON’T KNOW” bag to the “KNOW” bag.  So far, students have been moving quite a few each week.

The students have been begging to spend the last 10-15 minutes of class to play BINGO.  The 5th graders are still using the multiplication tables they made to help them with their BINGO game, but have had to use it a bit less each day.

Today we used two color counters with the number 0-9 to fill in the missing factors at stations.  It was really hard for some students to fill in the blanks.  We had a conversation about how important it was to understand the whole problem and not just the answer.

We’ve also been working on special multiplication facts – perfect squares.  We’ve used my glass walls to create examples of perfect squares and understand why they are named the way they are.

We’ve played exponent TIC TAC TOE and perfect square / square root BINGO.  We’ve been taking daily perfect square quizzes in order to become more fluent at recognizing these special numbers.


The kiddos have really enjoyed playing all the games.  They have even commented that learning multiplication is fun!  I’m really excited that they are having fun AND learning at the same time.  It’s already stinks that they have to “lose” an elective to come to my class… the least I can do is make it a class they want to come to!

Want to use some of these activities in your classroom?

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